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Add ICAL feed to your Calendar


You can add a feed to you Outlook, Gmail, or any other calendar that supports iCal feeds.

This will enable you to view all posted Raids on the website in your calendar from your

desktop, laptop, or mobile device.


Step 1:
Login to the website and select "Calendar" from the navigation bar.

Step 2:
Once in the calendar, Select "Export calendar:

Step 3:
Copy the "Feed URL"

To subscribe to an iCalendar Feed using Google Calendar:

1. In the left column, click on the Add link in the Other Calendars section.
2. From the menu select Add by URL.
3. Enter the feed URL in the dialog box then click Add Calendar

To subscribe to an iCalendar feed using Outlook Calendar

1. Go to "Tools"
2. Select "Account Settings"
3. Select "Internet Calendars" Tab
4. Click "New"
5. Enter URL


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